A Dog Loves a Toy, a Dog Loves Pizza and a Dog Loves Herself — WATCH

It is all about the dogs.

Kirk the Dog

Dogs give me such endless joy. These three videos drive home the fact that dogs tend to get rather excited about certain things. It really could be anything.

This dog loves pizza. So much so, that he’s licking one that is on TV. Whatever floats your boat.

Dog Can't Resist Pizza On TV

Me any time a commercial for food comes on:

Posted by People on Sunday, August 19, 2018

This dog loves his tennis ball and has found a very unique way to play fetch with himself. I need one of these for my dogs.

Dog Can't Contain His Excitement Over New Toy

May life bring you as much excitement as a tennis ball brings this pup. #tbt

Posted by Scary Mommy Time Out on Thursday, August 16, 2018

And then there is Kirk. Kirk isn’t just any dog, however—she is the 2017 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge champion and, now, thanks to this hilarious video, a viral pet sensation.

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