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Alyssa Milano privately apologizes to Britney Spears after pop star rips actress over 2022 tweet

Alyssa Milano privately apologizes to Britney Spears after pop star rips actress over 2022 tweet

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Britney Spears wasn’t holding back, as she publicly called out Alyssa Milano for a tweet she sent out in 2022 and now it the actress has attempted to extend an olive branch and apologize, has learned.

On Tuesday, Britney posted to her Instagram Story and shared a tweet Alyssa sent out back in December, which read, “Someone please go check on Britney Spears.”



Of course, this was at the time when no one had heard from Britney in a while and fans were concerned and even worried that she may have been re-conserved, TMZ reported.

In her IG Story, Spears wrote, “It saddens me to see things about me from people who don’t know me!!! This definitely feels like a form of bullying!!! Ladies, we are supposed to be rooting for one another not pulling one another down!!!”



Alyssa and her team must have seen the Instagram post, as a rep for the actress said Alyssa reached out to Britney privately on Wednesday to apologize.

After being slammed for “bullying” by Spears, a source says Alyssa sent a private message to Britney this morning.



However, it is unclear how Britney reacted to the apology from Alyssa or what Alyssa actually said in her apology message.

According to TMZ, Alyssa did express her support for Britney in the private message.

While the concern for Britney certainly hasn’t died down, the conspiracy theories seem to be getting even stronger since Alyssa sent out her tweet.

Britney was seen out in public recently, but it did not go very well.

She was accused of having an episode at a restaurant and it was all caught on camera, but both her and her husband have since denied it, has previously reported. previously reported also that a welfare check was issued for Spears last week, as fans were concerned for her safety after the pop diva deleted her Instagram account.

For now, it looks like Britney just wants to be left alone and doesn’t want anyone showing any concern for it, even if it was well-intentioned.



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