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Cole Sprouse claims estranged mother grapples with “drug abuse” & “wicked narcissism,” pushed twins into spotlight for her own benefit

Cole Sprouse claims estranged mother grapples with “drug abuse” & “wicked narcissism,” pushed twins into spotlight for her own benefit

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Former child star Cole Sprouse pulled the curtain back on his estranged relationship with mom Melanie Wright during an appearance on Steven Bartlett‘s Diary Of A CEO. has learned the 30-year-old, who became a breakout star alongside his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, on the Disney series The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, reflected on his upbringing and being pushed into the spotlight at a young age.


The Sprouse twins were already taking the acting world by storm by age 7, appearing in the Adam Sandler comedy Big Daddy, also snagging roles in hit sitcoms That 70s Show, and Friends over the years.

Offering his own analysis on Wright’s life choices, Cole said “my mother was, and still is, the tortured artist type. She struggled with, in many different ways, her place in the world.”

“I think she found a tremendous sense of self-identity through motherhood, and tried to turn it into a profitable business at the same time, which for identical twin boys going into acting is an economic loophole,” he speculated and explained, adding, “There are labor laws that can be incredibly profitable, so that’s what she did.”


Cole said later on in the interview that court officials were forced to step in and grant their father, Matthew Sprouse, sole custody around age 10 after Wright was deemed unfit to parent.

“That selfishness is something the legal system also observed,” he said. “I think as I have aged, I’ve looked back on a lot of circumstances of that entire environment and I see a person that grapples with mental illness, drug abuse, but primarily narcissism.”


“A wicked narcissism. The inability to perceive anything out of your own perspective, and that just doesn’t work with being a mother, with being a family in general,” Cole added.

His claims come after he accused Wright of being financially irresponsible with the twins’ childhood earnings, “but I don’t blame her at all,” he said on the Call Me Daddy podcast. When asked if he still has a relationship with her, Cole revealed they don’t.

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The Riverdale actor revealed, “[My father] desperately wanted us to be normal kids, and my mother wanted us to be … a bit more of a caricature of two normal kids.”

Cole shared, however, that he does “miss her a lot,” going on to describe Wright as a “beautiful and artistic woman.”



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