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Cub Sport, Adam Lambert, Ruben, Hylls and More on Heavy Rotation

Cub Sport, Adam Lambert, Ruben, Hylls and More on Heavy Rotation

We listen to a lot of music around the office and we do consider ourselves true pop music fans. These are the songs that Socialite Life currently has on heavy rotation and those we tend to hit the repeat button once they end.

Try and get these songs out of your head. This is our latest Weekly Music Playlist:

1. Cub Sport – Summer Lover

"Summer Lover" by Cub Sport. This Brisbane indie-pop has delivered another winner! This dreamy song about a summer fling will just wash over you with its synth waves.

2. Savoir Adore – When The Summer Ends (RAC Mix)

"When The Summer Ends" (RAC Mix) by Savoir Adore. This song was originally released back in July, but thanks to a remix this gem is getting a second coming. This breezy song will definitely remind you of summer.

3. These Days

"These Days" by Anya. If you love a well-crafted melody, then you're going to love this pop ditty!

4. HYLLS – Why

"Why" by Hylls. Hylls, a project by singer-songwriter Nadia Ali, has been releasing one new song a month. "Why" is the December song and it is gorgeous.

5. Lay By Me

"Lay By Me" by Ruben. This stripped-down song is like a warm hug. This Norwegian artist gives you the feels on this emotive song.

6. Joey Graceffa – KINGDOM (Official Music Video)

"Kingdom" by Joey Graceffa. The YouTube star drops his first official single from his forthcoming EP and it is an extremely adorable pop gem.

7. This Beautiful Rendition Of Cher’s “Believe” Is Adam Lambert’s Gift To Us All

"Believe" by Adam Lambert. This type of music is what made Adam such a standout on American Idol. Plus, this version made Cher cry, so you know the reworking worked!

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