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‘Time for the world to know’: Ex-member of Menudo claims father of Menendez brothers sexually assaulted him when he was 14

‘Time for the world to know’: Ex-member of Menudo claims father of Menendez brothers sexually assaulted him when he was 14

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A former member of Menudo came forward with shocking claims that Jose Menendez, the slain father of imprisoned Menendez brothers Lyle and Erik, sexually assaulted him during his childhood, has learned.

Roy Rosselló detailed a time years ago when Jose was affiliated with Menudo because he had signed the group as an executive of RCA Records, claiming Jose drugged and raped him during a visit to his home in New Jersey.



Rosselló was 14 at the time, the Claridad crooner said in a segment that aired on the Today show April 18 from the upcoming three-part docuseries scheduled to premiere on Peacock.

“That’s the man here that raped me,” he said while pointing to a photo of Jose, who was shot dead by his sons in 1989. “That’s the pedophile.” Rosselló declared, “It’s time for the world to know the truth.”

Rossello said that he was also assaulted by one of Menudo’s former managers, Edgardo Diaz, a claim that Diaz vehemently denied.



Following two hung juries and mistrials, the siblings were retried together in 1996 and found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for gunning down their father, Jose, as well as their mother, Mary Louise, a former beauty queen AKA Kitty, inside of their Beverly Hills home.

After the brothers were convicted of the killings, a judge ruled that their claims of sexual abuse involving Jose were inadmissible. Although prior appeals from Lyle and Erik have been denied, it is wondered if Rosselló’s allegations could be the catalyst for a new trial.


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“Frankly I feel horrible. It’s sad to know that there was another victim of my father,” Erik said amid the explosive claims.

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“It’s a remarkable thing to happen so many decades later. Of course you know that would have made a difference at trial. Certainly that would have made an enormous difference because the entire trial centered on the belief of these events,” added Lyle.


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