Amazing Grace Trailer: Aretha Franklin will Mesmerize You

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Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace

The trailer for the Aretha Franklin documentary Amazing Grace premiered online on Wednesday.

The film documents the two-night performance of Amazing Grace—gospel music's biggest-selling live album and the most successful LP of Franklin's remarkable career—at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

Franklin sang gospel songs from her youth at a church in Los Angeles over two nights to make her album Amazing Grace.

Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace

The experience was filmed, but never released, due to technical difficulties (mainly with the audio). Now 47 years later it's ready and just as incredible to behold now as it was back then.

Sydney Pollack oversaw the direction of the original film, but since he died in 2008, producer Alan Elliott is the man backing the movie today.

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Franklin hadn't allowed the footage released, but following her own passing last year, Elliott and producer Tirrell Whittley showed the finished film to her family, who were delighted by how it captured her power and emotion.

Watch the Amazing grace trailer below.

YouTube video

Amazing Grace opens in theaters April 5.

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