Frequently Asked Questions

My comment doesn’t show up?
There is an automatic moderation tool software used on this site to combat spammers. Sometimes, the filters will mistakenly mislabel a comment. Our moderators go through thousands of comments and they’ll clear any comments that are mislabeled. If your comment still doesn’t show up, contact us in our help contact form.

There’s a bad comment, please remove it!
We have thousands of comments reported to us every day. While our filters take care of many of them, we have to go through the ones that do not get filtered. The best thing to do with abusive comments is not to respond to them in any way. The first step is to flag or vote the comment down. If the comment receives enough negative comments, it will be automatically hidden.

I’m the copyright owner of a photo on your site, can you please link to me or remove the photo?
Please contact us, using the form below, with a statement swearing that you are the copyright owner of the photo, the link on our site to the post that shows your photo, and someone will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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