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Ben Affleck responds to woman who ‘unmatched’ him on Raya dating app — WATCH

Ben Affleck responds to woman who ‘unmatched’ him on Raya dating app — WATCH

Ben Affleck and Nivine Jay

Well, this is something. Yesterday (May. 03, 2021), Nivine Jay posted a video to TikTok with the caption, “Thinking of the time I matched with Ben Affleck on Raya and thought it was fake, so I unmatched him and he sent me a video on Instagram.”

She then included the video Affleck allegedly sent her. Not one to give up, after Nivine unmatched Affleck, the 48-year-old actor, then took it upon himself to track down up and coming actress Nivine on Instagram and slide into her DM’s with a video message.

Im the video Affleck asks, “Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It’s me.” You can watch it for yourself below.

For those not in the know, Raya is an exclusive dating app; known as the app for the rich and famous.

Prospective members have to submit an application to use the app – they are then placed on a waitlist. All applications require a referral from a “trusted source.”

Ben Affleck
Photo via NivineJay/TikTok

When contacted by E! News, Nivine said she meant no ill will toward Ben when posting the video.

“I’m seeing a lot of comments calling him a creep and l don’t think that’s fair. l wasn’t making fun of him in the video,” she explained. “l was making fun of myself for thinking he was a catfish and it was just supposed to be funny.”

Nivine Jay
Photo via NivineJay/TikTok

Jay is an actress and has authored a book called Cry Baby. There isn’t much to go on as Jay’s IMDB page only lists her appearances in small screen shows, namely Space Juice in 2021, The Donut Split, and Kroll Show.

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