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Justin Bieber’s dreadlocks are so, so wrong

Justin Bieber’s dreadlocks are so, so wrong

Justin Bieber's dreadlocks

Justin Bieber is being accused of cultural appropriation after posting a photo of himself sporting dreadlocks in a new Instagram photo.

This is the second time the “Peaches” singer has come under fire for wearing dreadlocks since 2016 — but seemingly, that hasn’t stopped him. He shared a set of photos showing off his new’ do, alongside three palm tree emojis.

However, fans quickly noticed the artist’s new hairstyle, which appears to be a return to the dreadlocks he was sporting roughly five years ago that also resulted in cultural appropriation accusations.

He was promptly criticized on Twitter and became the subject of several think pieces, which noted how Black hair has been politicized and weaponized in racist spaces.

“The privilege of being able to wear locs sans scrutiny, while simultaneously not needing to know anything about their history is what pisses Black folks off,” Josie Pickens wrote for Ebony.

“It is maddening that white people love the culture that we produce so much — whether it be dreadlocks or Drake, but seem ambivalent towards our suffering and what it costs to create such a gorgeous culture in the face [of] constant erasure and hate,” she continued. “And, yes, whites wearing dreadlocks absolutely is cultural appropriation.”

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