Katy Perry Denies That She Was Raped by Dr. Luke in Deposition

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Katy Perry has testified against claims that she was raped by music producer Dr. Luke, describing them as “outrageous and untrue.” The accusation that Perry was raped by Dr. Luke first surfaced in June after The Blast obtained documents in which the producer alleged Kesha texted Lady Gaga and falsely asserted that Dr. Luke had also raped Perry.

The singer’s court deposition was revealed by legal teams for Dr. Luke after Kesha dropped her own long-running assault case against the producer earlier this month.

Dr. Luke is now suing Kesha for defamation, accusing her of telling fellow pop star Lady Gaga that he sexually assaulted Katy Perry in 2016. In court, Katy confirmed that she did not have a “sexual or romantic relationship” with Dr. Luke and repeatedly denied that he gave her drugs and raped her.

Here is how the testimony went down:

“Did Dr. Luke ever rape you?” an attorney asked.

“No,” Perry replied.

“Did Dr. Luke ever sexually assault you?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Did he ever give you a roofie?”


“Did you have a sexual relationship with Dr. Luke at all?”


“A romantic relationship?”


Dr. Luke is seeking $10.2million in the earnings he lost from not working with Katy.

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