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New Songs From Lewis Capaldi, Ben Platt, Broods, Thelma Plum and More on Heavy Rotation

New Songs From Lewis Capaldi, Ben Platt, Broods, Thelma Plum and More on Heavy Rotation

Weekly Music Playlist

We listen to a lot of music around the office and we do consider ourselves true pop music fans. These are the songs that Socialite Life currently has on heavy rotation and those we tend to hit the repeat button once they end.

Try and get these songs out of your head. This is our latest Weekly Music Playlist:

1. “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi.

What a voice and what a vehicle this song is to launch Lewis’ career in the US. “Grace” and “Bruises” were fantastic songs in their own right, but this song, about loneliness after a breakup, is simply stunning.

2. “You and I” by LÉON.

Her voice. I’m obsessed. The Swedish pop star has dropped another perfect song. This is a great twist on a breakup song. Hit repeat!

3. “Too Proud” by Broods.

This frank song about depression is anything but depressing. Plus, what a treat it is to hear Caleb Nott on lead vocals.

4. “Bad Habit” by Ben Platt.

Broadway star Ben Platt has dropped his first official single! The contemplative piano ballad is perfectly suited for Ben’s vocals. And that build in the chorus. It’s perfect!

5. “Not Angry Anymore” by Thelma Plum.

This infectious breakup song is going to keep you hitting the replay button. Push paste the hate and push play!

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6. “Someone New” by Astrid S.

Well this is probably the catchiest new pop song of the week. And this is also one of Astrid’s most commercially sounding songs, which will hopefully become a big hit!

7. “Faith You Might” by Kevin Garrett.

This minimalistic ballad tells the story of someone who refuses to give up on love, even when that doesn’t seem possible. This is such a beautiful song.



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