Lil Nas X dances nude in the shower for ‘Industry Baby,’ shades homophobic trolls in new video — WATCH

Lil Nas X Industry Baby

Lil Nas X has teamed up with Jack Harlow for the new track “Industry Baby” and the video is one sexy wild ride.

Lil Nas X is seen being sentenced to five years in Montero Prison State Prison for his lawsuit against Nike over his Satan Shoes. While there, the rapper and his backup dancers strip down for a dance scene in the prison’s showers before he breaks out of prison with the help of Jack.

Colton Haynes also makes an appearance in the video, playing the Head of Security who gets turned on while watching Lil Nas X‘s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video.

Lil Nas X Industry Baby
Photo via YouTube

“I don’t fuck bitches, I’m queer, hah / But these n—as bitches like Madea, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah) / Ayy, oh, let’s do it (Oh, let’s do it)” Lil Nas X raps. “I ain’t fall off, I just ain’t release my new shit / I blew up, now everybody tryna sue me / You call me Nas, but the hood call me Doobie, yah.”

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Nas X, who came under fire in late June for kissing his male dancer during BET Awards 2021 performance, then turned to Twitter to remind parents who may complain about the explicit music video. “Saying this in advance so y’all won’t blame me. THE INDUSTRY BABY VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOUR KIDS!” he warned.

Watch Lil Nas X featuring Jack Harlow in “Industry Baby”



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