The Week in Drag – Finding out who made the Drag Race finale, when Maddy met Jaymes, Spice makes over Malaysia and more

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RuPaul’s Drag Race final four Season 15

Hello, hello, hello! With the season 15 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race looming, we’re bringing you reactions and recaps of the road to discovering who will be America’s Next Drag Superstar from your favorite Drag Race alums.

This week, our top 4 turned video vixens and lent their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to a fierce video for a RuPaul banger and brought Drag Excellence to the runway.

We also take a look back at last week’s family resemblance challenge and fashions with our favorite Ru-cappers and catch up with the content queens who keep us entertained week after week. Let’s get into it…and bring it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, we have come to the episode where the queens get to collaborate with Ru on a video – and with the shenanigans we've encountered this season, the choice of “Blame It on the Edit” is *chef’s kiss*. As the episode opens, our top four ponder Loosey’s elimination, with Luxx exclaiming that she’s happy that karma came for her rival but respects her for playing the game and being honest about it. Luxx adds that it’s “not part of her fantasy” to be in the bottom and that she needs to be in the finale. Anetra is thrilled to have back-to-back wins and to be tied with Sasha while Mistress seems to be in her “breathing era”.

Ru enters (in a smart striped suit) and tells the queens it’s time for them to prove who is the baddest bitch of them all and for their final maxi challenge, they are working with him on a space-themed music video extravaganza for “Blame It on the Edit.” As usual, they have to write and record a verse and learn choreography (with Miguel Zarate.) They each will also join Ru and Michelle for the traditional Tic Tac Chit Chat. Ru makes a point to say that only three queens will move on to the finale and Luxx points out that there hasn’t been a top three since season 8, so I am totally feeling that the season’s first ”double shantay” is on the way.

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The queens share, laugh and cry with Michelle, Ru and a bowl full of (probably ancient) orange candies. Sasha talks about her life since moving from Hawaii 20 years ago. She says her inner saboteur is her drive to be liked by the other queens, mostly because she so desperately desired acceptance from her family as a child. She never received the love she wanted from her mother and revealed that her father, her biggest ally, hung himself when he was 80. Say what you want about Sasha, but she is the textbook definition of a survivor.

Anetra says she’s so soft-spoken because she grew up in the Mormon church and created Anetra so she could express who she truly is. She talked about the epic lip sync with Marcia x 3, which Michelle stated was her favorite of all time and said she learned to vogue by watching videos and practicing backstage in Vegas with her drag sister.

Mistress revealed that she is outspoken now because she couldn’t be as a kid. She said she experienced tension with Loosey because she didn’t like how she was different on and off camera. She also said she wanted to make her drag mother, Chevelle Brooks, proud (and I think she has.)

Luxx said she planned every single look she wore on the show (runways and werk room) and is a graduate of the Cicely Tyson School of the Performing Arts, a fact that absolutely delighted Ru. She was fortunate to have supportive parents, which gave her a lot of confidence and she just wants to live life fearlessly (which she has done all season, for sure.)

It's now time to learn the choreography. The queens are decked out in outfits that would make Barbarella jealous and look amazing…but Sasha is the fiercest of them all, serving Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire realness. Miguel directs the dolls to give him “sci-fi hood girl realness” (whatever that means) and they do – well, except for Mistress, who blames her “restrictive” costume for holding her back in learning the steps.

After what seems like an incredibly brief rehearsal, the queens are shocked to have to actually shoot the video. Anetra and Mistress are visibly in their heads and Miguel tells them to “Do it for Janet (Jackson)!” And then Luxx hilariously loses a white fingernail on the all-white set.

As the queens get ready for their final runway, they reminisce on their first impressions of their competition. It’s all lots of compliments, with everyone noting how kind Sasha was (she wisely took her own advice of “leave your ego at the door”), how Anetra was a “silent killer” who made the biggest transformation over the course of the season, how Luxx's confidence never wavered and how Mistress (who could be obnoxious at times) had great qualities. They all recognized that this season would go down as the “Season of Gates” – with “Heaven-gate”, “Baby Bump-gate”, “20-inch-gate” and others – which all centered around Luxx.

On the runway, the theme was “Drag Excellence,” and the queens turned it out (as did Ru, giving us golden goddess fabulousity.) Anetra looked amazing in a blue velvet gown dripping in beads and a white sculpted wig. She described the look as “grand high empress Anetra” and the judges saw Flash Gordon (they were right.) Luxx is in full Diana Ross glam mode in a white gown with enormous chandelier earrings. Sasha was a crystallized intergalactic queen, paying tribute to her Hawaiian heritage with an orchid headpiece and Mistress served cheetah print elegance in a beaded, fringed dress (that apparently weighs 60 pounds.)

The video for “Blame It on the Edit” was then presented, and it was everything. Sasha made an out-of-this-world alien and Anetra’s signature spiked head covering was perfect for the video. Luxx was a stunning Marilyn Monroe lookalike and Mistress served so much face.   

The queens then delivered the messages to their younger selves, and someone decided to chop onions in my house. These queens have so much heart, and they all deserve to be in the finale. Ru again mentions that only three are going forward and indicates it’s going to be an incredibly difficult choice.

After the judges’ deliberations, Ru declares Sasha the week’s winner and deems Luxx safe. This leaves Mistress and Anetra to lip sync for the last spot in the finale. They face off to “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. Both queens turn it out and…surprise, surprise…it’s the first double shantay of the season and we have another foursome in the finale (which, if the finale has the same format as previous seasons, it just makes sense to have four queens.)

Next week is the reunion, which I am sure will be drama-packed and then, on April 14, we crown the season 15 queen. Who do you have for the win?

Naomi Smalls and Bianca Del Rio recap last week’s drag family resemblance challenge and discuss their own experiences on the show (I totally forgot about Naomi’s fabulous Wizard of Oz scarecrow makeover on her season) on “The Pit Stop”.

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Bob and Monét discuss the episode on “Sibling Watchery.”

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The queens brought the fashion and created beautiful drag daughters last week and Raja and Raven toot and boot the looks (and have a surprising favorite) on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

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Speaking of drag daughters, Sasha’s daughter Kerri Colby recaps the runway looks with Yuhua Hamasaki on “Bootleg Opinions.

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DeJa Skye takes a look back at the lip sync that sent Loosey LaDuca home on “DeJa-Nalysis”.

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Rock M Sakura and Cash Monet discuss last week’s episode and generally cut up.

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Drag Race España’s third season premieres on Sunday, April 16th exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. Supremme de Luxe returns as host, joined by returning judges Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi, and Ana Locking. The twelve fierce, Spanish queens competing for the title of Spain’s next Drag Superstar include: Bestiah, Chanel Anorex, Clover Bish, Drag Chuchi, Hornella Góngora, Kelly Roller, María Edilia, Pakita, Pink Chadora, Pitita, Vania Vainilla, and Visa. Watch the space-themed trailer and get ready for a fierce new season.

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The “Drag Isn't Dangerous” campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for LGBTQ causes and organizations that support drag and trans performers, especially in areas that are under attack. The campaign's website,, will offer resources and information on how to support local drag performers and LGBTQ causes.

The highlight of the campaign is a one-night-only telethon on Sunday, May 7, at Hosted by a wide range of drag performers and celebrities, the event will feature a mix of live and pre-taped performances, appearances, and testimonials from drag performers, LGBTQ entertainers and straight celebrity allies.

Initial confirmed talent includes Alaska, BeBe Zahara Benet, Bob The Drag Queen, Brandon Stansell, Darienne Lake, Desmond Is Amazing, Divina De Campo, Eureka O’Hara, Frankie Grande, Ginger Minj, Jackie Beat, Jiggly Caliente, Jinkx Monsoon, Jujubee, Justin Martindale, Katya, Kerri Colby, Laganja Estranja, Manila Luzon, Miz Cracker, Monét X Change, Nina West, Peppermint, Salina EsTitties, Sherry Vine, Trinity The Tuck and Trixie Mattel with many more names to be announced. All net proceeds from the event will be divided among approved charities that support LGBTQ causes and drag performers in need, especially in states where they face discrimination and bans. None of the performers or organizers are taking fees for their work on the campaign.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit Merchandise is also available here.

Drag Isn't Dangerous

Season 15’s Spice gives her show sister Malaysia Babydoll Foxx a makeover, turning her into a living Bratz doll (and she looks amazing.)

YouTube video

If you like survival shows, Netflix’s Outlast is a must-watch. If you don’t believe me, take it from Trixie and Katya, who review the show on “I Like to Watch.”

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In her latest GRWM video, Trixie weighs in on the recent bans on drag shows.

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Monét tries poppers for the first time and she and Bob share stories from their youths on “Sibling Rivalry.”

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On the latest installment of “Iconic Blondes”, Jaymes Mansfield pays tribute to Britain’s answer to Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors. This could be one of my favorite wig transformations in a while.

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I remain fascinated with Maddy Morphosis and think she was an underrated queen on her season, so I am so glad we get this chance to spend some time with her and get to know her a little better. Maddy shows off her subtle sense of humor and makeup skills as she gets into drag with Jaymes Mansfield.

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And…since turnabout is always fair play, here’s Jaymes on Maddy’s web series “Give It to Me Straight”.

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Drag Race UK season two’s Bimini has released a new song and video for “Rodeo” and it’s kind of amazing.

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And that’s a wrap on another week of drag news! Until next week, stay healthy, stay safe and say LOVE!


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