Which queens ‘showed up’ on episode 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars?

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 607 - "Show Up Queen"

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the queens are making beautiful music as they create their own inspirational drag anthem “Show Up Queen.”

And, on the runway, the theme is “Hot Tropics” – and the dolls show off their best beach-worthy fashions. Whose performance gets them into the top 6? Let’s look at some of this week’s highlights.

As the episode opens, we discover that all of the queens picked A’Keria Davenport to sashay away last week and are reminded that Eureka O'Hara and (my beloved) Pandora Boxx are the only two queens without a win. RuPaul enters the werk room and tells the queens that they are working together to give the world a new drag anthem, called “Show Up Queen.” Since Ra’Jah O'Hara was in the bottom and Kylie Love Sonique was the big winner last week, they each are serving as team captains. Ginger Minj and Eureka are picked for Team Kylie and Pandora, Trinity K. Bonet and Jan are on Team Ra’Jah. 

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The queens have to write lyrics for and then record their verse of the song with longtime Ru collaborators Leland and Freddy Scott, the latter’s presence got one queen in a bit of a lather.

After the recording session, the queens are sent to the main stage to choreograph their own routines (Jamal Sims must have been busy). Pandora admits she’s not the greatest dancer, but with some encouragement from her teammates, we were treated to the sweetest moment of the episode (and, honestly a perfect demonstration of me dancing in any club.)

While it’s no “I’m That Bitch” or “Kitty Girl”, the finished product here is entertaining, even if some of the lyrics didn’t really align with the assignment of promoting self-love and confidence (I am looking at you, Jan.)

The theme of the runway was “Hot Tropics” and we got lots of vibrant colors and beachy looks. Jan and Ginger were “sisters, not twins” in their looks reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez’ iconic Versace dress and Ra’Jah and Eureka went more literal in a bikini and beach ball-esque look.

While Pandora’s “Nurse Ratched on vacation” look was floral print fabulousness (and the wig was everything) and Kylie’s stunning green Sasha Colby fantasy was amazing, Trinity was head, shoulders and feathers above the rest of the girls in her festive Carnival inspired look, completing her look with some seductive samba moves on the runway.

Not surprisingly, Trinity scored her second win and Jan and (gasp) Pandora found themselves in the bottom two. Our lip sync assassin is Alexis Mateo (BAM!) who looks gorgeous, as always. This week’s lip sync is “Dance Again” by J-Lo and Pitbull and we get a reveal from Alexis and an unintentional one from Trinity when she loses her wig. That little oopsie gives Alexis the win. She pulls out her lipstick and it bears the name I didn’t want to see, Pandora. But wait. She then pulls out a lipstick with Jan’s name on it. It’s a tie. This means Trinity’s pick, Jan, is the queen who gets the chop.

As for this week’s MVP, I could give top honors to Kylie, who looked amazing and killed her verse on “Show Up Queen” and shared a sweet story about an Atlanta encounter with Ru. I could also recognize Ginger, who gave us two of the funniest moments of the episode: her coquettish flirting with Freddy and her audition to be a sneaky Bond girl (I guess?) But, since all of the queens gave us their all this time around, let’s give the week to Jan’s Grandma, who wrote Ru a strongly worded letter after her grandson’s elimination in season 12.

Next week, it’s the always eagerly awaited “Snatch Game of Love”. Is it finally Pandora’s moment? We can only hope. Until we meet again, remember that if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an “amen”?



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