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A new Barbie promotion in Dubai is quite diabolical

A new Barbie promotion in Dubai is quite diabolical

Barbie promotion in Dubai

Ever since the film Barbie was released, people have been flocking to the theaters to watch the movie directed by Greta Gerwig.

The marketing campaign for the film had quite literally turned stores, houses, food outlets, and so much more into pink color.

A new advertisement for the film has people turning their heads. Wondering what it is about? A giant 3D Barbie is stepping out of a massive box next to Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

The clip begins to show a 3D ad where a massive Barbie can be seen coming out of her classic Mattel packing box.

Barbie can be seen wearing a black and white swimsuit with sunglasses and heels. As she steps out of the box, she poses and stands there. This ad is created using CGI by Eye Studio, an agency in the UAE.

The CGI video also sparked a massive conversation in the comments section, with one person saying, “Dubai always out-do themselves,” while others labeled the footage as slightly “terrifying”.

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Meanwhile, others highlighted the CGI giant Barbie closely resembled music icon, Taylor Swift.



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