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A Shirtless Michael B. Jordan Is Making Us Drool Over His New Men’s Fitness Cover

A Shirtless Michael B. Jordan Is Making Us Drool Over His New Men’s Fitness Cover

Michael B. Jordan "Creed II" New York Premiere

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Happy Monday! Michael B. Jordan is helping us get through the beginning of the week in the best possible way. Shirtless, of course.

The Creed star shows off his incredible physique (um, did you see his biceps) on the latest cover of Men’s Health. He’s basically flexing every single one of his muscles, and it absolutely shows that he’s been keeping in shape. However, the actor says he had to train really hard for his role. He told the magazine that he had to had to gain 24 pounds in order to play Apollo Creed’s son.

His trainer, Corey Calliet, admits that he’s come a long way. “When we first started he could barely bench 20 pounds. His legs were flailing everywhere…he had nothing.” And Michael agrees.

No, he’s right…I hated it. You know, at first you feel like sh-t, you’re hurting. When things start getting a little easier, when you start lifting weight you never lifted before, when you start bench-pressing 225 pounds 10 times and it ain’t nothing, and then you start giving hugs to girls and they’re, like, feeling you up a little and you think, ‘What’s this?’—then it’s, ‘This is all right.’

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Just when we thought we couldn’t crush any hard on him, here he’s giving us one more reason to love him. He’s adorable, he’s charming, he’s a superhero, and he has a beautiful body. What more can you want? He’s perfect.

This article was originally published on November 30, 2015.

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