Actor Christian Keyes reveals sexual harassment by a ‘powerful man’ in Hollywood

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Christian Keyes
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Actor Christian Keyes, known for his roles in All The Queen's Men and In Contempt, recently revealed years of alleged sexual harassment he endured from a powerful and wealthy figure in Tinseltown.

In an Instagram Live session, Keyes recounted his shocking experiences. Can you believe this person actually offered him a whopping $100,000 to undress?

Christian, who's graced the big screen with his charisma since his debut in Diary of a Mad Black Woman back in 2005, is not one to compromise his integrity for fame or fortune. He's chosen to take the long and winding road to success, refusing to give in to such offers.

Keyes has been secretly recording these encounters for years! Talk about a stealthy move. He's armed himself with devices like digital voice recorder pens and keychains, all in the name of self-protection and standing up against this harassment.

Christian Keyes is determined to expose the alleged misconduct, not just for his sake, but for the sake of other victims too. This is not about money or personal gain for him. He's shining a light on this issue to protect others from going through the same ordeal.

What's even more troubling is Keyes' claim that this individual boasts about having a roster of young black men on his payroll for similar purposes. Absolutely mind-boggling! And don't even get us started on those non-disclosure agreements that could be silencing other victims. Christian is ready to present his evidence, including those recordings, to the authorities.

He stated in the video…

“I’ve been speaking to my brother about making a declaration of my experience with certain powers that be that were moving inappropriately, and it is in my bone marrow to discuss that because, thankfully, God built me the way that he built me, but I’m not sure based on this person’s claims and [how he] brags.

This person was sexually harassing me for years, claiming that he had multiple young black men on the payroll, and they just had to show up when he requested them to be there. Clearly, that’s why he thought it was OK to say these things [to me], and I really want to have these discussions I wanna be transparent about it. I’ve done my best to forgive this person, but it doesn’t just happen to women; it’s also men sometimes, and it’ll be men tempting men. I’ve kept one of these on me (showing pen recorder) since 05, whether it was a keychain recorder or a pen, because most predators would check your phone.

I need to protect me. I have recordings of when I wasn’t working with them and recordings of them confessing the other guys that they have on the payroll all the above, and the difference is the wonderful thing about confidentiality and nondisclosure (NDAs) is that they can’t prevent you from turning all of those things over to the police for sexual harassment.”



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