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Alex Trebek Gets Choked Up After Contestant’s Sweet Message — WATCH

Alex Trebek Gets Choked Up After Contestant’s Sweet Message — WATCH


The usually unflappable Alex Trebek was put to the test during Monday’s episode of Jeopardy.

During Final Jeopardy, one of the contestants, Dhruv Gaur, used his answer to let the long-time host know he was loved. Trebek’s reaction will stay with us for a while.

“We love you Alex!” Gaur wrote on his answer, worth $1,995. In place of the word love, Gaur wrote a heart.

“That’s very kind of you, thank you,” Trebek said, choking up. The “wrong” answer cost left Gaur with $5.

Right before Gaur’s message, Trebek shared he was reentering treatment for pancreatic cancer, Gaur tweeted. Trebek announced his diagnosis in March.

“We were all hurting for him so badly,” Gaur tweeted. “When Final Jeopardy came up, I could’ve tried to puzzle it together, but really, just kept thinking about Alex.”

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Gaur was glad he got to say “what everybody at the tournament was thinking.”

The 79-year-old game show host revealed he had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer back in March and has since undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

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