Sean Spicer Finally Voted Off Dancing With the Stars

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Sean Spicer Dancing With the Stars
Photo via ABC

Despite an endorsement from Donald Trump, Sean Spicer was finally voted off Dancing With the Stars after weeks of dismal dancing performances.

On Monday (November 11, 2019), Trump posted a tweet in support of Dancing With The Stars contestant Sean Spicer, his former White House communications director.

The president called Spicer a “great and very loyal guy who is working very hard” and used his #MAGA and #KAG hashtags. But it didn’t help and Spicer was voted off the show.

Trump quickly deleted his tweet and replaced it with a different message:

Spicer’s first dance was an Argentine Tango and it was performed to a Destiny’ Child song. Guest judge Fatone was critical about Spicer’s frame and his lack of fluidity. Judge Bruno Tonioli brought up the fact that Spicer does “try very very hard” in his performances. For his first scores tonight, Spicer ended up with a 26 out of 40.

For his second routine, Spicer performed a Foxtrot and danced to One Direction’s “Story of My Life”. Carrie Ann Inaba noted some missteps that Spicer had but also said she loves that Spicer continues to try his best, though he’s not necessarily a great dancer. Their scores were a 24 out of 40, making a 50 out of 80 for the night for Spicer.

Spicer was finally eliminated from Dancing with the Stars in his ninth week on the show, following a dance-off against country music singer Lauren Alaina.

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