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We’ve been pronouncing Alicia Silverstone’s name wrong

We’ve been pronouncing Alicia Silverstone’s name wrong

Alicia Silverstone 2018 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards: Women Rise - Arrivals

Alicia Silverstone is clearing up something major! The 44-year-old actress recently took to TikTok to participate in a game that asks players to reveal how to pronounce their name and how people constantly mispronounce it.

“My name is Ali-SEE-yuh … Not Alee-Sha,” the Clueless star revealed with a shrug before repeating the correct pronunciation.

In the caption, she added: “Just an FYI… it’s Ali-SEE-yuh.”

She further explained in the post’s comments to elaborate.

“It doesn’t bother me though!” she wrote. “By my sweet mama didn’t like it…. so for her…. get it right! Ali-SEE-yuh.”

Can i get and “As if?”

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#stitch with @kesha & @mahoganylox: Just an FYI… it’s Ali-SEE-yuh 😉😘

♬ original sound – Alicia Silverstone



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