Amy Schumer Posts Video of Herself Throwing Up — Morning Brief

Amy Schumer

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Thanks, world. This is a thing all because of “you” people who are doubting the reasons why Amy Schumer has been canceling her shows. Schumer posted a video of her vomiting on the way to her show in Tarrytown, New York to show why she’s having to cancel more dates on her tour. “Turn sound off if you have a weak stomach,” she wrote in the caption. She’s serious.

We’d like to live in Jensen Ackles home. The 40-year-old Supernatural star’s 7500 square-foot home is featured on and boy it is spectacular!

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Are you ready for some more oppression? Margaret Atwood announced Wednesday that she is writing a sequel to her highly acclaimed book The Handmaid’s Tale.

Grimes is back with new music. Take a listen to her new song “We Appreciate Power” from her upcoming fifth album.

Natalie Portman belts out “Wrapped Up,” written by Sia, in the new trailer for Vox Lux. Portman stars as the troubled, diva-like pop star Celeste who struggles with the trauma of surviving a school shooting in her childhood.

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