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A 200 carat-wearing Beyoncé and Jay-Z star in new Tiffany campaign

A 200 carat-wearing Beyoncé and Jay-Z star in new Tiffany campaign

Beyonce and Jay Z

Earlier this month, pop icons Beyonce and Jay-Z were announced as Tiffany & Co ambassadors.

The partnership comes amid a brand refresh for the American jeweler, following its acquisition by LVMH. The powerhouse couple joins fellow Tiffany faces Rose of Blackpink, and Queen’s Gambit actress Anya-Taylor Joy.

The former Destiny’s Child lead singer met her then-future husband when she was just 18 and years later and three kids later they are still just as in love as the day they met.

Their love was put on full display during a Tiffany & Co. campaign which is set to launch globally on September 2, 2021.

In the campaign, Beyoncé wears a 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond previously only worn by three other people (one of them being Audrey Hepburn), along with a host of other luxury jewels.

The photos feature the couple donning pieces from the luxury brand.

“Beyoncé and JAY-Z are the epitome of the modern love story. As a brand that has always stood for love, strength and self-expression, we could not think of a more iconic couple that better represents Tiffany’s values,” the brand’s executive Alexandre Arnault said in a statement.

“We are honored to have the Carters as a part of the Tiffany family.”

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An accompanying About Love campaign film starring the new ambassadors, created by acclaimed director Emmanuel Adjei, will also launch on Sep 15 on It features a musical performance of the classic song Moon River, made famous in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The iconic tune is reimagined with vocals by Beyonce, captured by Jay-Z on a Super 8 camera.

The campaign ushers in a new era at Tiffany’s under the creative direction of Ruba Abu-Nimah, who was appointed in March, though it was conceptualized in close collaboration with Beyoncé and Jay-Z as well. Continuing that partnership, Tiffany will also donate $2 million towards Historically Black Colleges and Universities.



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