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Bob Saget’s mystery death: Cops believe actor hit headboard, causing massive skull fracture

Bob Saget’s mystery death: Cops believe actor hit headboard, causing massive skull fracture

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Authorities are doubling down on Bob Saget‘s cause of death as mystery continues to surround the comedian’s unexpected passing.

Law enforcement in Orlando, Florida, who found Saget dead in his Ritz-Carlton hotel room on February 9, is standing firm that theFull House actor hit his head on something connected to the bed — presumably the headboard — and quickly consciousness.

Bob Saget’s Widow Sues To Block Death Investigation Photos From Being Released



The blow was so hard that it caused a massive skull fracture. Saget’s official cause of death was a brain bleed. As Radar reported, some of the top forensic experts in the world disagree.

Dr. Cyril Wecht is calling for the 65-year-old’s body to be exhumed and for a full investigation to be done following the disturbing autopsy results.

Orange County Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Stephany agrees, telling the New York Times that Saget’s injury appears to be consistent with being hit by a baseball bat or falling from a height of up to 30 feet.

But sources connected with the investigation claim police and the medical examiner are certain no foul play.

‘There Is NO WAY This Could Have Occurred With One Fall’: Famed Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht Calls For Second Autopsy On Comedian Bob Saget



They believe Saget hit his head somewhere inside his hotel room before losing consciousness and never waking up. Furthermore, cops do not think it’s possible that the actor could have made the 2-hour drive from his stand-up comedy show to the hotel if he had been injured prior.

Interestingly enough, hotel insiders say Saget used his electronic key to get in and no movement was made until hotel staff found him in the afternoon — so a 30-foot fall is highly unlikely.

The medical examiner never mentioned the headboard in the report. In fact, the M.E. listed an “unwitnessed fall backwards.”



The headboard theory is being tossed around again, hours after the Fuller House star’s family — including his wife, Kelly, and three daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer — filed a lawsuit in Orange County, Florida, to block police from releasing photos of the death scene.

In Florida, law enforcement is allowed to release images to the public.



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