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Bonnie Fuller Still Hated!

Bonnie Fuller Still Hated!

Bonnie Fuller

Socialite Life debuted back in 2003. SL Flashback showcases some of our favorite content from years past.

Someone really really hates Bonnie “Leona” Fuller. An employee of American Media — the company that publishes the Star and the National Enquirer — has trashed editorial director Bonnie Fuller in a catty e-mail to Page Six. On top of that, apparently, 60 Minutes II is preparing a Bonnie exposé.

Gawker has the entire email. I’ve highlighted a few portions as well:

– Bonnie uses a stupid yellow pencil for writing captions (I’m assuming while editing).
– Bonnie walks like a duck.
– Bonnie is a liar.
– Bonnie has compulsive disorders.
– Bonnie is frugal.
– Bonnie looks like a chubbier Ricky Lake.
– Bonnie is overpaid.
– Bonnie is afraid of getting old.
– Bonnie is the ultimate anti-feminist.
– Bonnie is a money grubbing whore.

. . . and the list went on and on. It really is a must read.

This article was originally published on November 2, 2004.



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