Bowen Yang played the iceberg that sank the Titanic on SNL to perfection — WATCH

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Bowen Yang played the iceberg that sank the Titanic on SNL to perfection

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The girls were really knocking it out of the park this week on Saturday Night Live. In addition to Kate McKinnon putting on a pretty perfect skit parodying a growing niche genre of lesbian period dramas, Bowen Yang joined the Weekend Update as the Iceberg that sank the Titanic. The appearance came given that the anniversary of the catastrophic event is next week, but the Iceberg had other things to talk about. Namely, there's their new “hyper pop EDM new disco fantasia” album.

“It's called Music,” Yang says. For a second, there's a bit of back and forth, one that we've seen before. One where a celebrity who has been brought on for an interview, doesn't want to talk about whatever salacious thing that the host hopes to chat about, but instead, something that they are promoting. Eventually, Yang, as the Iceberg, gives in.

“First of all, you came to where I live and you hit me!” he begins. “It was midnight, I was chilling. Then I hear this Irish cacauphony behind me. Like, not to be offensive but …” Yang begins to mimic the sounds of the on-ship band.

“I'm sorry, that's what it sounded like,” Yang continued. “And before I turn around, and go like ‘what,' half my ass is gone. Which was my best feature and I'm literally injured and all anyone cares about is 40 or 50 people died or whatever.”

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