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Britney Spears pole dances in the tiniest of bikinis — WATCH

Britney Spears pole dances in the tiniest of bikinis — WATCH

Britney Spears pole dancing

Britney Spears left little to the imagination as she proudly showed off her pole dancing skills in her latest Instagram video.

The 41-year-old pop star showed off her impressive flexibility in front of her 42 million followers.

She stripped down to a teeny animal print bikini with matching gloves as she strutted her stuff on a raised black platform.

Britney twirled around the pink stripped pole attached to her mini stage at home.

She wrote alongside her latest post: “Got this pole two days ago and last night was my first time on it.”

Nine Inch Nails’ track Closer can be heard in the background as the Toxic hitmaker opens her legs and moves to the beat.

It comes after the songstress told fans she was “done with Botox” after slamming the anti-wrinkle procedure.

“Okay guys, I found this new thing called Sio. It’s basically the replacement of Botox. I did Botox, but I wasn’t really happy with it because it swole up my forehead and therefore made the heaviness of my eyelids droop over and literally look like someone beat me up. To pay that much money to look like someone beat you up for the first two weeks… what’s the point? So I found this Sio thing and honestly it’s really nice because it’s like putty and it sticks. It’s like Playdoh… After I put it on for an hour or so, it really brightens my eyes and forehead… (using Botox and) literally looking like someone beat the shit out of you (and paying) four thousand dollars makes no sense at all.”

She said: “For probably 10 to 15 years, I haven’t had mine done right, and what’s with the times when one eyebrow is up and one is down?”

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“I can’t even be seen for two weeks.”

Britney finished her caption by saying: “Fuck Botox, it is horrific.”



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