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Dog unleashes herself to get help after owner collapsed — WATCH

If you weren't a dog fan already, this should do the trick.

Miu von Furstenberg 0 Min Read

Just a parrot giving a puppy a massage — WATCH

Those claws can be dangerous, so, well done parrot.

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CUTE: Little girl does some major emoting while singing to Selena

Her daddy needs to brush up on his music because his daughter is NOT having it.

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Kitten discovers they have four paws — WATCH

Wow, my paw is really cute and fun to play with. Wait, I have three more paws!?! Mind blown.

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Elton John improvises a song based on Richard E. Grant’s oven manual — WATCH

During the 1997 special An Audience With Elton John, the singer took questions from celebrities in the audience.

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LOL: Senator Kyrsten Sinema seen practicing her $15 minimum wage ‘no’ vote — WATCH

While being outraged at Kyrsten Sinema's vote, we can still laugh at this.

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WTF: Madison Cawthorn beats up a tree — WATCH

A resurfaced video of freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) "beating up" a tree is leaving viewers wondering, "What did the…

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