Chris Hemsworth pokes fun at himself in new Centr fitness app ad

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Chris Hemsworth pokes fun at himself in new Centr fitness app ad

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A new ad campaign featuring Chris Hemsworth – most famous for his beefcake physique and portrayal of the god of thunder, Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – promoting his health and wellness app Centr sees the actor’s face superimposed on various bodies, from a couple of yogis and a burger-flipping father to a toddler, cursing up a storm and talking mad trash about – who else? – Chris Hemsworth.

The message of the extremely funny video is that “you don’t have to be Chris to get results,” but you do “need his team.” And what a team that is! The entire premise of the Centr app is that, for the low price of a monthly subscription (From $10/month), you can get access to Hemsworth's personal team of trainers, the very men and women he used to beef up and cut down for his iconic film roles.

We’re talking personal trainers to help you establish a workout regime and provide you with special insights into form and technique to maximize your results, as well as nutritionists offering advice and meal prep recipes and suggestions.

The full team includes a former professional boxer, a gold medal-winning gymnast and stuntman, a renowned Thai chef and organic farmer, a vegan bodybuilder, and various philosophers, psychologists, and meditation experts to help you sleep better, cope with stress and keep your focus on your goals.

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