Charlie Puth slams body shamers after shirtless photo appears online

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Charlie Puth Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet

Singer Charlie Puth has hit back at body shamers after a topless after paparazzi snapped a topless photo of him.

Puth, 29, was photographed leaving the gym and making his way to his car while carrying his shirt.

After the photos appeared online, it wasn't long before trolls with too much time on their hands started to body shame, but the singer was having absolutely none of it and took to Twitter to air his thoughts.

In the snaps, Puth was headed back from the gym but some people commented that he didn’t look “fit.”

Puth responded the following day, writing, “Hey just a very quick reminder that it’s not cool to body shame anyone. Not entirely sure what the purpose of it is. Sorry I don’t have an 8 pack like damn.”

Puth isn't the first male celebrity to make a stand against body shaming comments.

Last month, Superbad star Jonah Hill hit back at the press for ‘years of public mockery' regarding his physique.

Sharing a screenshot from a news website that featured a topless shot of him, Hill wrote: “I don't think I ever took my shirt off in a pool until I was in my mid 30s even in front of family and friends.”

“Probably would have happened sooner if my childhood insecurities weren't exacerbated by years of public mockery about my body by press and interviewers.”

“So the idea that the media tries to play me by stalking me while surfing and printing photos like this and it can't phase me anymore is dope. I'm 37 and finally love and accept myself.”

“This isn't a ‘good for me' post. And it's definitely not a ‘feel bad for me post'. It's for the kids who don't take their shirt off at the pool. Have fun. You're wonderful and awesome and perfect.”

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