Chris Hemsworth, Matt Bomer, Sam Heughan, David Gandy and More Man Candy

Chris Hemsworth

In appreciation of the easy on the eye male celebrity, we bring you man candy such as Chris Hemsworth and more!

Matt Bomer loves his green juice.

Sam Heughan is kilting it up again.

David Gandy is hard at work.

Chad White knows how to dress for the weather.

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Unleash. This isn’t much of a winter over here.

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Spin that wheel, Tyler Oakley.

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work hard, clay hard

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Hi there, Nick Adams.

Cuddling with Dr. Evan Antin.

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Decoding kitty language isn't always straightforward and takes most cat-owners years of experience. The truth is cat emotions have a ton in common with people; they can be happy, playful, anxious, excited, and of course stressed. Stress can manifest in many ways including excessive scratching, inappropriate urination, hiding, not eating, acting antisocial (or more antisocial than usual for cats the tend to be some degree of antisocial lol), fighting with other cats/pets at home, being aggressive with people at home, etc. In that case I recommend you try @comfortzonepets pheromone diffusers. They're a simple wall plug-in and they make cats more comfortable and thereby reduce negative/stressed behaviors like excessive scratching or urinating outside of the litter box. Then with a stress-free kitteee you'll see more positive behaviors like slow-blinking to you 😽, or kneading muffins in soft objects (i.e. blankets, pillows, etc.), or playing or just plain cuddling 😻. – And one more tip to reduce stress that many people aren't aware of… Litter Box Tip: take the # of cats you have and +1 for the number of litter boxes you should have available; for example, 2 cats should have 3 boxes. And for people living with multiple levels to your home please make sure to have at least 1 box for each level. Thank you for reading and best of luck making your KittyKiddos stress free! #cat #catman #ad #😸#lessstressmorelove #purrrrrrr

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What did you guys do KJ Apa?

This photo is epic. Thank you, Chris Hemsworth.

So handsome, that Matt Bomer and his man.

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@sagawards here we come!! #sag #sagawards

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Keep on working, Harry Shum Jr.

Pierson Fodé in his undies.

Franco Noriega shows off the abs to Miami.

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