Chrissy Teigen reveals baby Esti’s unusual ‘recipe for sleep’ is unlike anything she ever did with Luna & Miles

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Chrissy Teigen: baby whisperer!

On Saturday, April 8, the mom-of-three uploaded a silly video displaying her bedtime routine for newborn baby Esti. The model was shown forcefully rocking her few-month-old back and forth in her arms as she patted her back, she then proceeded to make a choo choo noise as she imitated pulling a horn and jokingly pretended to do an armpit fart.



“We always joke that Esti is different from Luna and Miles in the way that you really have to do a few extremely specific things with her to get her to calm down or sleep,” the cookbook author said, comparing Esti’s betime ritual to that of her other kids.

“She likes an aggressive rock where your back has to hit the couch repeatedly, a butt pat, a shh shh sound, a bounce between rocks, her body flat against your chest, one arm up and one arm back and some sort of clothing to grab. Those things all together at once are her recipe for sleep,” she explained to followers.

The star attested her baby’s abnormal needs to a pregnant camel ride, saying, “I think it’s because I rode a jerky camel uphill for too long when I was early pregnant.”

Fans reacted in the comments section of the comical clip.

“But the real flex is YOU figured out the exact order she needs that to happen lmao! GO MAMA!,” one user praised Teigen, while another wrote, “I’M UNWELL 😂😂😂😂😂😂🐪.”



Hubby John Legend replied to the post with a “🐫” referencing the brunette beauty’s camel ride.

Other moms related to Teigen’s upload, saying, “This exact rocking method gave me wicked abs with my first born 💪🏽😅” and “Omg my daughter was the same way! She had to be aggressively rocked and covered with a blanket!”



The 37-year-old and the 44-year-old share kids Luna, 6, Miles, 4, and welcomed Esti in January.

As OK! previously reported, the family-of-five is currently on a European vacation that Teigen previously expressed her worries about. Before their long flight, she admitted her “heart” was “racing” due to nerves over traveling with three young kids.

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However, some critics slammed the Utah native after mistakenly assuming the brood flew private, causing Teigen to set the record straight.

“Update! I was the only one to cry! scary turbulence makes my heart stop. also I thought it was pretty obvious from the enormous British Airways plane in the background but we didn’t fly private,” she wrote in response to fans. “Everything is gonna be ok! u are all gonna be ok.”



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