Demi Lovato has given up using they/them pronouns because they were exhausting to explain

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Demi Lovato Operation Smile's Annual Ski & Smile Challenge
Demi Lovato attends Operation Smile's 11th annual Celebrity Ski & Smile Challenge presented by Alphapals, Barefoot Dreams and the St. Regis Deer Valley on April 01, 2023 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images for Operation Smile)

Demi Lovato recently opened up to GQ Hype Spain about their decision to embrace both she/her and they/them pronouns.

After publicly identifying as nonbinary in 2021, Lovato shared their thoughts on why they chose to reintroduce she/her pronouns last year.

In the interview, Lovato, 30, expressed the exhaustion they felt constantly having to educate others about their pronouns. “I just got tired,” Lovato said.

Demi Lovato DEMI x JBL Tell Me You Love Me Pop Up Event
Demi Lovato on September 28, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Getty Images)

However, they acknowledged the importance of raising awareness and educating others about different gender identities.

Lovato also touched on the need for more gender-neutral spaces, not only for artists but for everyone. They shared personal experiences of feeling conflicted when using public toilets or filling out forms that only offer male or female options.

Lovato expressed a desire for a change in such systems, hoping for more inclusive options in the future.

Demi Lovato 2015 American Music Awards - Show
Demi Lovato performs onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Getty Images)

Last year, during an episode of their podcast 4D with Demi Lovato, the artist publicly came out as nonbinary and announced their decision to use they/them pronouns. Lovato emphasized that this change reflected their fluidity in gender expression and allowed them to be true to themselves.

In May 2022, Lovato added “she/her” back to their Instagram profile alongside “they/them.”

A few months later, during a conversation on the Spout podcast with Tamara Dhia, Lovato explained their choice to reintroduce she/her pronouns. They described feeling a balance between masculine and feminine energy and not identifying exclusively as a man or a woman.


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