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The Week in Drag – the Season 15 queens make us laugh, Drag Race faves hit the road, Jujubee and Cheryl Hole take to the track and more

The Week in Drag – the Season 15 queens make us laugh, Drag Race faves hit the road, Jujubee and Cheryl Hole take to the track and more

Hello, hello, hello! Has it been a week already? There’s certainly been a lot going on in the Drag Race universe this week.

We are down to a half-dozen queens on Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race after a challenge that left some queens shook and some left the judges shaking with laughter.

This week also brought the announcement of two fierce tours bringing some of your most beloved queens to a town near you and a new series that delivers a truly unique take on reality TV. We’ve got all of the latest – including Trixie and Katya’s take on Netflix’s Perfect Match, a wonder-ful wig transformation from Jaymes Mansfield and an unforgettable interview with the kooky Tammie Brown.

Strap in because we’re catching up with everything Drag Race and we’ve got lots to cover. Let’s bring it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, it’s time to rejoice because the 90-minute episodes have returned! As the episode opens, the queens return to the werk room after saying farewell to Malaysia. Salina is tired of being a “bottom bitch” and wants to be seen as competition. On the other hand, Sasha is celebrating her third main challenge win…much to the dismay of Loosey, who thinks she should have won (not sure if she’s getting a villain edit here, but I suspect she is) and Luxx thinks she’s first place in the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent department (I like the confidence.) Luxx and Loosey get into a (Sasha) fierce debate about why Loosey didn’t don a baby bump when recreating Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” pregnancy reveal look.  It was a nothing burger of an argument, but it set up some tension for later on. 

Mama Ru, after a tease of this week’s challenge name-dropping Key & Peele and French & Saunders among other famous comedy duos, entered the werk room and gave us the gift we never want to return – a mini challenge! In honor of Harlem’s legendary ballroom scene, the queens have to showcase their finest pops, locks, dips and slits in a Vogue-off. Not surprisingly, Sasha and Luxx kill it (as well as Mistress.) Of course, with her duck-walking prowess, Anetra (deservedly) takes the trophy.   

From there, it’s time for the main challenge. Just like those comedy duos Ru mentioned, the dolls are teaming up for a stand-up comedy challenge in front of a live audience. This is a challenge that has made and broken queens in the past. The duos are randomly assigned by picking flavors of this episode’s sparkling water sponsor. Sasha and Anetra are the first team, followed by Mistress and Marcia. Much to the delight of Salina, Luxx and Loosey will have to put their differences behind them as they are forced to team up. Since Salina is solo, she has the chance to either stay solo or steal a queen. She (wisely) takes Mistress, leaving Marcia as the queen performing alone.

As the teams start to get their acts together, Marcia is panicked, Anetra is bringing nothing to her team and is also struggling with a migraine. Not a great start. The queens work on their sets with Michelle Visage and the amazing Ali Wong. Ali is a fantastic mentor and has great notes and suggestions, especially for Marcia. Luxx and Loosey take their off-stage rivalry to the stage and plan on shading each other. It could work if Luxx could learn to slow down, as she’s barreling through her jokes. Salina and Mistress decide to base their set on stories of hookups going wrong and Salina launches into a rambling story that has Michelle and Ali’s eyes glazing over. Anetra tries to use her migraine as a humorous device, but it’s not working. Hopefully, Sasha can do the heavy lifting – and she does have some good premises.  

On stage, Marcia struggles. She jokes about her light makeup application, but her jokes just aren’t landing. Luxx got over her nerves and she and Loosey traded some hilarious barbs, using their rivalry to achieve some big laughs. Even Sasha had to reluctantly agree that they were funny. Anetra and Sasha did some weed humor – which should have been left with Cheech & Chong – but their corny canned bits got groans and laughs. The most improved duo award goes to Mistress and Salina, the latter of whom edited her story, did some great act-outs and made ‘em laugh. 

On the runway, the theme was “Rip Her to Shreds.” Marcia gave us a beauty pageant winner who was attacked by her competitors, Loosey served Victorian Nosferatu realness in a really amazing look and Luxx took us back to the 80s and channeled Ru’s punk rock days. Sasha gave us an extreme ripped denim moment, Anetra evoked a Lotus flower in a deep green and hot pink bodysuit, Salina described her look as “a woman escaping to a better life”, but I didn’t get it (It was a nice look, or so I thought) and Mistress gave us a homage to Madonna’s “Material Girl” video.

After critiques and the first judges’ deliberation of the season, Ru declared Luxx and Loosey as the week’s winners. Sasha found herself in the bottom for the first time but Marcia and Anetra ended up in the bottom two. The pair lip synced to “Boss Bitch” by Doja Cat and, although she gave it her all, Marcia was just no competition for Anetra and sadly, we have to say goodbye to our favorite Brady lady.     

Of course, Marcia leaves right before the Rusical episode. Next week, the queens are going “Wigloose”!

Bianca Del Rio and Jaida Essence Hall discuss last week’s celebrity journalism challenge and Beyoncé inspired looks on “The Pit Stop.”

Bob and Monét hold nothing back as they talk about 50/50 and the episode’s many looks on “Sibling Watchery.”

It was no Night of 1000 Kimonos Madonnas, but the Beyoncé tributes on last week’s runway had us going a little crazy. Raja and Raven toot and boot the looks on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

April Carrion joins Yuhua Hamasaki to dish on the looks on the latest “Bootleg Opinions.”

DeJa Skye dissects last week’s lip sync between Salina and Malaysia on “DeJa-Nalysis.”

Maddy Morphosis and Miss Liza recap the 50/50 challenge, runway and lip sync.

Michelle Visage chats with South Florida’s own Malaysia Babydoll Foxx on “Whatcha Packin’?”

Get ready to see your favorite queens in your town as two new tours are set to hit the road this summer. The Werq the World tour is back again, kicking off on June 17 in Atlantic City. The largest drag show on earth returns in 2023 with shows in over 100 cities across the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe and Mexico. This year’s all-new production is a Sci-Fi adventure set in a dystopian future. The queens must choose between the real world and the simulated reality they have known. Some of your season 15 favorites will take the stage along with Asia O’Hara, Bosco, DeJa Skye, Lady Camden, Vanessa Vanjie and Laganja Estranja. Tickets are sale now through Voss Events.

The OG season one winner Bebe Zahara Benet, Kennedy Davenport, LaLa Ri, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Shea Couleé and Yvie Oddly are taking their Nubia Tour across the country. The tour commences on May 31 in St. Paul Minnesota with 11 additional stops, ending on June 19 in Seattle. You can get more information and tickets at  

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That’s it for this week. Until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe, support the queens and say LOVE!



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