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Drink Up – and Bubble Up this Labor Day Weekend with Drinkmate

Drink Up – and Bubble Up this Labor Day Weekend with Drinkmate


The holidays should be as stress-free as possible, and if you’re planning on entertaining – or just want to shake up your cocktail routine, just add bubbles!

The Drinkmate countertop soda maker is just the thing to liven up any drink and add sparkle to your Labor Day entertaining. Make your own seltzers and create amazing cocktails. Take a bottle of white wine and live your champagne dreams when you raise a glass of bubbly, created in the comfort of your own kitchen. Drinkmate makes it easy.

If you’re looking for a light and refreshing drink to accompany a beautiful sunset, use the Dinkmate to add bubbles to your favorite lemonade and just add vodka and fresh fruit for a delicious libation. If you want a tropical getaway without leaving your backyard, mix water and lemon juice in the Drinkmate, give it a few pumps, then pour into a glass muddled with mint, add white rum and agave syrup and enjoy a mojito that’s not only tasty, but kind to your waistline.


If you’re a teetotaler, the Drinkmate can be used to add a boost to your favorite beverage. Make sparkling fruit juices, add some pizazz to iced tea and coffee…use your imagination because the possibilities are endless.

The Drinkmate doesn’t take up much counter space and, in a wide array of vibrant colors, you’re going to want to show it off. Best of all, when your CO2 cylinders are empty, the company provides a prepaid return label for you to easily exchange them for new ones – and you even receive a coupon for your next purchase. Empties are cleaned, inspected, refilled and reused, so you’re even helping the environment while quenching your thirst.

Add some excitement to your glass with Drinkmate. You can purchase yours at Amazon or on their website.



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