The Real World’s Eric Nies claims he was almost cast as Robin in Batman Forever

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Congratulations to all of us for living to see a bold new renaissance of news about original Real World cast member Eric Nies, because, well: We’re now living in a bold new renaissance of news about original Real World cast member Eric Nies.

Hot off yesterday’s report — backed up by today’s premiere, in which it was revealed that the actor, model, and modern shaman had tested positive for COVID-19—that Nies was forced to telecommute to Paramount Plus’s Real World reunion series, Homecoming New York, Nies has now also revealed another somewhat improbable wrinkle in his generally improbable career. I.e., that he was almost cast as Robin in 1995's Batman Forever (at least, according to original Real World cast member Eric Nies).

This is per Everything Iconic host Danny Pellegrino, who interviewed Nies and several of his (virtual) loft mates this week about their return to the Real World world 29 long, strange years after the series first debuted on MTV. Said intervening period involved a lot of changes for everyone involved, not least of which because they’d suddenly transformed from “7 twentysomethings with the free time to let themselves be filmed bickering in a house for several weeks” into some of American TV’s first reality stars.

For Nies, that apparently involved becoming friends with director and producer Joel Schumacher, who took over the Batman film franchise after Warner Bros. asked Tim Burton to take his creepy clown obsession elsewhere in the aftermath of Batman Returns.

Schumacher was apparently so impressed by the then-24-year-old Nies that he reportedly tried to make some moves to get him cast in the Robin role that eventually went to Chris O’Donnell, but the decision was (again, according to original Real World star, and “Beauty Way” lifestyle guru, Eric Nies) blocked by star Val Kilmer, whose representatives were “afraid I was going to upstage Val Kilmer.” (That’s according to original Real World star Eric Nies, in case you were having trouble keeping track.)

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