Inside Madonna’s bizarre face transformation — plastic surgeons weigh in

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Has the Material Girl gone too far? Plastic surgeons are weighing in on Madonna‘s ever-changing face after the singer, 63, shocked her fans by debuting a bizarre new look on TikTok over the weekend.

In the video shared on Sunday, it was hard not to notice Madonna's dramatic features, which included a forehead that didn't seem to move, plumped-up cheekbones, and an oversized pout.

Wearing a see-through t-shirt without a bra, the superstar pulled her blonde hair back in braided pigtails and did not attempt to shy away from the camera.


Pressing her large lips towards the phone she was recording on, Madonna got her followers all hung up. After sharing the video, the singer's made it clear they were not impressed.

“I’ve loved Madonna since I was little … huge fan… love her … but this is a hard pass… what has she done to herself?” one follower asked. “This honestly scared me I'm not gonna lie,” declared another.

“Sometimes it's best to just age,” a third quipped. “Girl, it's becoming more than embarrassing at this point,” shared a fourth. Others couldn't help but throw jokes her way with someone comparing her toJocelyn Wildenstein — the 81-year-old former socialite known for her extensive cosmetics surgery operations.

“Gen X. Look away. This shall not tarnish out totally tubular memories of the '80s. Look away,” another fan wrote.



Following Madonna's Facegate, Dr. Steve Fallek told OK! he believes he's cracked the case. It's worth noting that the New York-based surgeon has not worked on the singer.

He declared there are “lots of issues” with Madonna's altered look.

“Starting from the top, she's had a bunch of Botox so her forehead doesn't move at all,” Fallek alleged.

“Her upper eyelids are also significantly dropped, what we call ptosis, and should be fixed,” he claimed. “The cheeks are way too filled with filler and she might have had too much buccal fat pad reduction to narrow her face too.”

Dr. Fallek also believes her lips are “out of proportion and too big for her.”



Madonna's looks have changed throughout the years, but her tweaks haven't been as noticeable as on Grammy day. While the music icon was not at the award show in Las Vegas, she gave plenty of people something to talk about.

Keep scrolling to see Madonna's transformation over the years!



Madonna captured hearts because she was never afraid to push the envelope. In 1990 (shown above), she sported short bleach blonde hair and deep red lips.



Madonna made grunge work in the '90s at the 12th Annual American Music Awards.

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