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Jake Gyllenhaal Shares Some Penis News

Jake Gyllenhaal Shares Some Penis News

Jake Gyllenhaal

Expecting Amy is a three-part documentary about comedian Amy Schumer struggling with hyperemesis while working on her 2019 Netflix special Growing.

In the documentary, there are clips from her wedding to husband Chris Fischer who is apparently a childhood friend of Jake Gyllenhaal.

In one of the clips, Gyllenhaal is seen standing with two of Fischer’s pals, both named Dave, while giving a toast to the newlyweds.

“We’re going to start this off with Chris is the only uncircumcised one amongst the four of us,” the actor says into a microphone, “which was a mystery to us as young boys because we only knew the penis to be one way.”

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So there you have it. Jake Gyllenhaal is circumcised and Amy Schumer’s husband is not.

The more you know!

Watch the Expecting Amy trailer below.

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