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Jared Leto typically eats while in the nude

Jared Leto typically eats while in the nude

Jared Leto Los Angeles Premiere Of MGM's "House Of Gucci" - Arrivals
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Jared Leto eats naked.

The ‘House of Gucci’ actor admitted he “often” tucks into his meals while not wearing any clothes, though he declined to give an explanation as to why.

Asked during a game of ‘Burning Questions’ on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ to name three things he does naked, besides showering, Jared confessed to sleeping in the nude, “making whoopee”, and dining.

He admitted: “I eat naked often.”

In 2019, Jared famously walked the red carpet at the Met Gala with a replica of his own head but he currently has no idea where it is.

He said: “[My house was] the last place I saw it. [I think I] may have lost it, just for clarity.”

Ellen quipped: “You lost your head.”

The 49-year-old star also revealed he has a guillotine in his house.

But he added: “I’m not gonna elaborate on that.”

The ‘Suicide Squad’ actor used to work in a cinema but lost his job after he was caught selling drugs.

He confessed: “I actually worked at a movie theater when I was a kid and I got fired for selling weed out the back door.’

“I was just an entrepreneur!”

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Ellen said: “You were hustling! You were trying to sell popcorn and weed at the same time – what’s wrong with that?”

Jared replied: “They go well together… Some say.”

Jared can next be seen as Paolo Gucci in ‘House of Gucci’ but confirmed he was initially approached for a different role.

He said: “I was actually sent the script for another character and when I read it I thought, ‘Wow, there’s something to this character.’ I really just fell in love with his heart and his humour.”

But when Ellen asked if he was first asked to play Maurizio Gucci – a role which ultimately went to Adam Driver – the actor gave his “polite answer” and insisted that he “can’t remember” what was originally on offer.



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