Jen Shah’s arrest is featured in a new Real Housewives of Salt Lake City clip — WATCH

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The moment that federal agents came to arrest Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah in March was caught on camera for the show — and is being shown for the first time in a new sneak peek for Season 2.

The reality star — who has been accused of running a multi-state telemarketing scheme — can be seen revealing to her fellow cast members as they board a bus that her life just took a troubling turn.

Shah had been set to go on a trip to Vail, Colorado, with her fellow housewives, and had boarded the bus when she received a call.

She was heard saying: “Hi baby, no, not yet. We’re at Beauty Lab and Laser in the parking lot. Okay.”

“I have some bad news,” she tells Heather Gay in the clip. “I just got a phone call, and I need to go.”

Shah asked her co-star Whitney Rose to help her turn off her mic pack before she left the van.

She returned to say that she had got a phone call and had to go and got into a vehicle that left the parking lot.

Twelve minutes later, helicopters began circling the parking lot and Homeland Security Investigators showed up, looking for Shah.

The teaser for the season premiere then cuts to footage of federal agents showing up at Shah’s house to take her into custody.

Later on, fellow cast member, Lisa Barlow can be seen talking about the stunning development with the remaining RHOSLC cast members, including Gay, Rose, and newbie Jennie Nguyen.

“How did they know she was here?” she asks. “Somebody had to have told them she was here.”

Shah, 47, and Stuart Smith, 43, were arrested for allegedly ripping off hundreds of victims in a telemarketing scam spanning over six states and almost 10 years.

Watch the video showing Jen Shah’s arrest

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