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John Legend Dedicates BMA’s ‘Never Break’ Performance to Chrissy Teigen — WATCH

John Legend Dedicates BMA’s ‘Never Break’ Performance to Chrissy Teigen — WATCH

John Legend Billboard Music Awards - Season 2020

Singer John Legend honored his wife, Chrissy Teigen, with his 2020 Billboard Music Awards performance weeks after they lost their third child after pregnancy complications.

Host Kelly Clarkson introduced her fellow Voice coach and sent her well wishes to the duo who lost their son, Jack, last month.

“John Legend is one of my favorite people on this planet, and it’s easy for us all to feel that way about him because he and Chrissy both just have this warm way of inviting us into their world — the highs and the lows,” Clarkson said. “My heart — obviously all of our hearts — go out to you both in this very difficult time, and I’m thankful that you continue to share your light and your talent with all of us.”

Appearing on stage in a white suit and sitting at the piano, Legend said, “This is for Chrissy,” before launching into a moving rendition of his ballad “Never Break” from his most recent album Bigger Love.

“We will never break/ Built on a foundation/ Strong enough to stay/ We will never break. As the water rises/ And the mountains shake/ Our love will remain,” Legend sang.

Watch John Legend’s performance below



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John Legend Dedicates BMA's 'Never Break' Performance to Chrissy Teigen — WATCH 4

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