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Jonathan Majors: ‘Failure was not an option for me!’

Jonathan Majors: ‘Failure was not an option for me!’

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Jonathan Majors knew “everything was going to be OK” despite spending his teenage years sleeping in a car.

The 33-year-old actor – who has nine-year-old daughter Ella from a previous relationship – endured a tumultuous childhood before pursuing his Hollywood dreams and recalled having a “eureka moment” following an argument with his family in his late teens.

He told The Guardian newspaper: “And as bold and as tough as I felt doing that, my ire cooled. I was there in the car, down and out, it was quite dangerous, extremely dangerous. I kind of stepped out of myself. Sat there with tears in my eyes. And in the quietness, I heard, ‘It’s going to be OK.’ That was a huge shift, a eureka moment. It was the beginning of an internal confidence.”

The ‘Creed III’ star went on to add that when he graduated college at the age of 22 and a short time later became a father, he wanted to “project forward” as he insisted that failure was “not an option” for him.

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He said: “It’s relative, but I was young, I was 22. I’d just come out of college. I was coming from a sheltered institution into the world. And after four months in the world? I was preparing to be a father. I remember stepping out of the time we were in, which was not so good, and projecting forward to see the beauty of her life, and the type of father I wanted to be. I think it’s a survival mechanism. I think it’s probably a part of our spiritual makeup. Otherwise, you crumple and fall and fail. That wasn’t an option for me.”



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