Jussie Smollett Returns to Social Media

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Actor Jussie Smollett Appears Outside Of Court After It Was Announced That All Charges Have Been Dropped Against Him
Jussie Smollett leaves with attorney Patricia Brown Holmes, right, following his court appearance at Leighton Courthouse on March 26, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. This morning in court it was announced that all charges were dropped against the actor. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Actor and singer Jussie Smollett has made his return to social media to celebrate his little sister, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, on her 33rd birthday.

Smollett shared a number of photos with his sibling on his Instagram story, along with the message “I love you more than life.”

Jussie Smollett
Photo via Jussie Smollett/Instagram

Smollett is still defending his honor and claiming he really was the victim of a hate crime.

Earlier this week, he snapped at someone who compared him to a Virginia sixth-grader whose story about being attacked by white assailants at school turned out to be a hoax.

The sixth-grader that she was being held down by white classmates as they cut her dreadlocks.

An update to that story saw her apologize for making up an incident that didn’t happen. The story was shared on The Shade Room and a user commented: “Jussie really is a trendsetter.”

Jussie Smollett
Photo via Jussie Smollett/Instagram

When the story broke yesterday, someone named Derrick Jackson, who NBC identifies as a “self-help social media guru,” posted it on his Instagram page with the caption, “Jussie really is a trendsetter.” That’s a fairly obvious joke but apparently it was enough to get under the skin of Jussie Smollett who offered a statement defending himself.

“With all due respect brother, y’all can clown me all you want but my story has actually never changed and I haven’t lied about a thing,” Smollett said.

He continued, “Y’all can continue to be misinformed, internalized sheep, who believe what actual proven liars feed you or you can read the actual docs. Either way, Imma be alright. I know me and what happened. You don’t. So carry on. All love.”

Jussie Smollett
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