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Justin Bieber Did Not Eat a Burrito Sideways After All

Justin Bieber Did Not Eat a Burrito Sideways After All

Justin Bieber Burrito

The nerve.

Justin Bieber’s scandalous eating methods baffled people last week after a photo of the long-haired vagrant biting into the middle of a burrito went viral.

It turns out the Canadian pop star was not trolling all of human civilization with that wacky photo of him eating a burrito sideways, and not from one of its ends.

In fact, the photo, which understandably went viral late last week, was not of Justin Bieber at all, but rather was a prank photo staged by YouTube channel Yes Theory, starring uncanny Bieber look-alike Brad Sousa.

A video production group called Yes Theory posted a video to YouTube Sunday showing how they pulled it off.

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“We wanted to prove a point. That staging a viral story can be done much easier than anyone can imagine,” the video explained.

Watch the video below.



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