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Karamo Brown Embraces His Baldness With Mantl Skincare Line

Karamo Brown Embraces His Baldness With Mantl Skincare Line

Karamo Brown

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown’s skincare line Mantl, was developed with the bald and balding men in mind.

Brown intentionally created products that would benefit both the face and scalp. His line, which will release on February 6, includes grooming products including a cleanser, moisturizer, a gel sunscreen, and No-Shine Sheets.

And while the goal is to encourage men, Brown told Allure that people of any age or hair status can also use them.

Brown revealed, “My sisters have stolen all of them. So even though we’re gearing them toward men, they’re for everyone,” Brown explains.

“I started going bald around the age of 23,” Brown revealed to Today. “I felt embarrassed and thought people were judging me. It became my biggest insecurity.”

By 30, Brown was almost completely bald but wasn’t ready to accept it. “I knew that a wig would look fake so I figured making it seem as if I had a ‘low’ haircut would look more natural,” he said. “So I would use an eyeliner pencil and black mascara to create the illusion (of hair).”

Brown eventually got tired of this, though, and decided to shave his head in February 2018, the night before the premiere of Queer Eye’s first season. “As the show was coming out, I said ‘enough is enough,” he shared. “I wanted to step into this new chapter of my life not feeling ashamed of what naturally happens to so many men.”

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