Meet Instagram hottie, QCP aka Gianluca Conte

QCP aka Gianluca Conte

It has been tough, but we’ve spent all week long scouring the depths of Instagram to bring you this week’s InstahottieQCP, aka Gianluca Conte.

22-year-old TikTok star QCP is also a hip hop artist and music producer who has released singles such as “Yolo,” “Coming for Me,” and “We Lit and They Lonely.”

He posted a series of TikTok videos called “The Angry New Jersey Cooking Show.”

The Charlotte, North Carolina native was recently arrested for “felony possession of a stolen vehicle.” However, it turns out that it was all a mistake as one of his roommates was responsible for paying for the U-Haul and didn’t pay on time, and U-Haul reported the vehicle stolen.

A rep told TMZ that QCP had simply borrowed the van to help a friend move, not knowing it had been reported stolen.

Check out a few of his TikTok videos:


Becky orders pasta with calms.

♬ original sound – QCP

Enjoy these pics and videos of QCP aka Gianluca Conte



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