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Michael Buble’s Wife Luisana Lopalito Reassures Fans Things Are Fine After He Elbows Her in Video

Michael Buble’s Wife Luisana Lopalito Reassures Fans Things Are Fine After He Elbows Her in Video

Michael Buble and Wife Luisana Lopalito

Michael Buble’s wife has defended her marriage following a Twitter onslaught from fans and followers who fear she might be in trouble.

Luisana Lopilato was surprised when fans attacked her husband after he appeared to interrupt and grab her during a video message, which has gone viral.

One wrote: “Thanks to Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato going live pretty often on insta, we have discovered he’s actually pretty toxic and kind of violent…”, while another added: “luisana lopilato blink twice if you’re in danger.”

The responses prompted Lopilato to jump on Twitter and assure everyone that her marriage is in great shape and she loves her husband.

She wrote: “It’s incredible how some human beings are!! While we suffer this pandemic and we live moments of confinement, anguish, fear, loneliness and uncertainties of all kinds! Every day we go out with my husband to do lives to bring you a little joy, entertainment and we have to listen and see what malicious people publish without knowing anything about our family (sic).

“I want you to know that I have no doubts who my husband is and I would choose him a thousand times over!! It’s not fair!”

The Argentine actress, who is mum to Buble’s three kids, went on to state the comments made her feel disrespected, adding: “Without more to say and doing what I think is right when they mess with my family, I leave the consequences to God! The world needs more than ever ‘love, hope, values, unity and solidarity’ NOT these types of people.”

After calming down, Luisana returned to social media to thank fans for their concerns, adding: “I’ve seen your messages over the weekend and I am very thankful. Thank you for worrying. It’s very important that we pay attention to these problems that have been mentioned and that I am lucky not to suffer. But it is important to pay attention to be able to help women that are going through it. Thank you. But it’s not in my case.”

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