Miley Cyrus Shares Wedding Photos and Naughty Message for Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Miley Cyrus has shared more photos from her wedding day in celebration of Valentine's Day.

She was all sweet and then she got a little naughty.

Liam Hemsworth revealed on Live with Kelly and Ryan, that the event was low-key, casual, and special.

PHOTOS: All the Photos Shared From Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s Wedding

“We never wanted to do anything too extravagant or big,” he said. “We just wanted to — you know, we find the whole thing kind of embarrassing. We know how we feel about each other, but we just wanted to do something simple and organic and just with basically, immediate family. But it was a really nice day. Really, really special.”

Miley and Liam married on 23 December, with close family including Liam’s brothers Luke and Chris Hemsworth in attendance.

Miley has also chosen to take her husband’s surname and will become Miley Hemsworth, much to the delight of her new husband. “She will still be obviously known as Miley Cyrus, but she took my name, which is great,” he said. “That was honestly one of the best things about it. I didn’t ask her to take my name, but she was like, ‘No, of course I’m taking your name.'”

And Miley also got a little naughty.

Always keeping it real, that Miley Cyrus.

UPDATE: Miley has posted three new photos from her wedding day in which we see the “playful” side of the singer.

All the photos involve Miley and her bouquet of flowers. Just, see for yourself:

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