Mr. Man announces the Top 10 no clothing scenes of 2021

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Adam Demos in Sex/Life

Hollywood wasn’t afraid to take viewers to some surprisingly new-d places in 2021. Cinema ventured deep into the explicit in several of the year’s top pictures, perhaps none more so than on HBO’s The White Lotus. It featured multiple erotic scenes but the one everyone was talking about at the water cooler was the scene between Lukas Gage and Murray Bartlett. For his part, Gage welcomed the attention. “I can’t wait for my ass to get retweeted all over the Internet,” he said. And it did.

Halston, the Netflix miniseries about the rise and fall of the iconic couture designer, was as sexually-forward as it was fashion-forward. It had everything fans could expect from a Ryan Murphy production: rock music, drugs and loads of runway looks, but it was the eye-popping nakedness that truly captivated fans in 2021; especially the scene where Ewan McGregor and 6’4 tall Sullivan Jones engage in very realistic intimacy.

“Hollywood continues to push the boundaries when it comes to nudity and sex,” says Phil Henricks of Mr. Man, the world’s leading online library of every male nude scene in the history of film and television. “Many of the scenes we saw play out on screen in 2021 simply would not have happened in previous years.”

That includes a scene in Violation featuring a fully erect, blindfolded, Jesse LaVercombe and Peter Vacks’ masturbation scene in PVT Chat. Sebastian Stan’s steamy getaway in Monday, featuring the actor driving a moped fully nude through the city streets of Athens, was a fan favorite but probably the most talked about scene in Twitterverse this year was Adam Demos’ impressive showing in the shower in Sex/Life.

Mr. Man’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2021 were chosen by Mr. Man’s editorial, production and marketing teams.

The winning male actors, in numerical order, are:

10. Ewan McGregor, Sullivan Jones in Halston

Ewan McGregor and Sullivan Jones in Halston

9. Ben Hardy in The Voyeurs

Ben Hardy in The Voyeurs

8. Adam Driver in Annette

Adam Driver in Annette

7. Murray Bartlett, Lukas Gage in The White Lotus

Murray Bartlett and Lukas Gage in The White Lotus

6. Jesse LaVercombe in Violation

Jesse LaVercombe in Violation

5. Sebastian Stan in Monday

4. Peter Vack in PVT Chat

Peter Vack in PVT Chat

3. Oscar Isaac in Scenes from a Marriage

Oscar Isaac in Scenes from a Marriage

2. Jeremy Williams in All the Queen’s Men

Jeremy Williams in All the Queen’s Men

1. Adam Demos in Sex/Life

Adam Demos in Sex/Life

All ten scenes are viewable in their entirety with free signup at



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