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Nick Jonas Reveals He Broke Up the Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas Reveals He Broke Up the Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers James Corden

Nick Jonas made the revelation while appearing on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden alongside his brothers Joe and Kevin.

While in the car, the Late Late Show host asked them many questions, including the reason why, and the person responsible, for their break-up.

“I broke the band up, but I got them back together,” Nick said, before noting that he is also the reason the band are now back together.

Jonas Brothers James Corden
Terence Patrick/CBS

“It’s true, it was a full redemptive story,” Kevin added.

Speaking about their decision to reunite to release new music, Nick explained, “Basically, about a year ago we started talking about making a documentary together.

“That was the start of it – just to tell our story, our childhood and into our career together. In that process we did some necessary healing, because you know when things ended it wasn’t the best.”

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He added, “There was a magic when we were together that we would all like to feel again.”

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“About a year and a half ago, we started filming a documentary… [that] tracks kind of our childhood into our time in the band, and it was gonna be a story about where we are today,” Nick shared. “With separate lives, doing separate things — Joe with DNCE, me with my solo stuff.”

Jonas Brothers James Corden
Terence Patrick/CBS

“But during [filming and production], we started to realize that there was a magic that we felt like we were missing,” he continued. “So the process was basically just [us saying], ‘Why don’t we give this another shot?'”

“So we started playing a little music together and realized right away this is where we’re meant to be in our lives at this moment,” he added, to the roaring and supportive cheering of the crowd.

Watch the Jonas Brothers’ Carpool Karaoke below

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