Paris Hilton Keeping Her $2 Million ‘Free’ Engagement Ring from Chris Zylka — Endnotes

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Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

Paris Hilton is not intending to give back the $2 million engagement ring that she received from her ex Chris Zylka.

The heiress told TMZ that the ring was “free” and that she has no intentions of giving it back to “The Leftovers” actor post-split.

It's not the first time Hilton, 37, has indicated that Zylka, 33, is out of luck in terms of getting that rock back and that Zylka didn't pay for it.

NBA player Ben Simmons is drooling over (via emoji) over a photo that Kendall Jenner posted on Instagram.

ben simmons drooling

The pair appears to be on again after cooling off back in September.

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Marvel Studios and Disney may have just unintentionally spoiled one of the biggest (non-)mysteries of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as the film's official site has just dropped confirmation that Jude Law is, in fact, playing the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of classic Marvel Comics character, Mar-Vell!

Jude Law Captain America
Marvel Studios

Remember John Wayne Bobbitt? He was the unfortunate soul who had his penis cut off by his enraged wife. According to John, all is good now on the penis front.

Billie Lourd has paid tribute to mom Carrie Fisher on the second anniversary of her death. At midnight last night, Carrie's daughter Billie shared a touching tribute of her own via Instagram.

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress posted a video of herself singing one of her mother's favorite songs on the piano that was given to her by her father, Eddie Fisher.

Miley Cyrus was filmed dancing around her living room with bare feet to “Uptown Funk” at her Franklin, Tennessee home following her “small, private wedding” to Liam Hemsworth that was attended by family and friends.

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